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Catalogue of Activities

Marketing services

Activities regularly performed cover a wide spectrum of initiatives that are certainly of interest and/or directly involve the actors operating in the Automotive world, under every aspect of major interest and utility. Following pages underline all useful details:
In depth and timely analysis of both Automobile and Commercial& Industrial Vehicles Markets   
Strategic role of all modes, assuring Passengers and Goods mobility, with particular reference to their environmental compatibility (Sustainability).
Data Base, daily updated through previously described activities, allow us to prepare:

  • Ad hoc Presentations, also for training purposes,

  • Preparations of Speeches (Texts and Slides) for participations to Conventions and Congresses,

  • Thorough investigations of specific topics and preparations of Reports on monographic subjects

Activity as Consultant to Private and Public Institutions, and in particular on Motor Show Business, mainly for Commercial Vehicles and Industrial Shows, taking advantage of the great experience made in the past, also as regular member of OICA Exhibition Committee.

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