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Marketing services

Ready to prepare all kinds of Presentation on Mobility and Environment, and Analysis on various sectors of Automotive Market,     similar to the examples shown on the right (References is made to Presentations prepared for Meetings and Conventions organized as Consultant to ACI (Italian Automobile Club),  Anfia, or to other Private or Public Institutions such as MTM/BRC - Fuel System Solutions, pioneer in gaseous fuel - propane (LPG) and natural gas (CNG) - technology for transportation and industrial applications that generate savings, reduce emissions, and promote energy independence)

Analysis of goods transport in the world in 2012
The automotive industry in the world
Biofuels and CO2 reductions
Mr Di Camillo presentation to BRC convention
Goods Mobiity and the role of road
Mr. Di Camillo Presentation to ACI convention on CO2 reductions
Presentation to BOD Fuel System Solutions
Di Camillo as Coach of FSS BOD meeting
Can Dependency on cars be managed?
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