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U.S.Truck market - 2015


Monthly Reports on U.S. Truck Market, Class 8.

Monthly reports on the U.S. Truck market (class 8 trucks), and studies on comparisons with European data and trends.
Latest report: January 2016

Heavy duty trucks sales (class 8) in the U.S. in december 2015
Heavy duty trucks (class 8) sales in the U.S.A. in December 2014
Comparisons of U.S. trucks registrations (Class 8) vs. European Trucks registrations > 16 t.)
Trucks on the road
Sales of Heavy-duty trucks (Class 8) in the U.S. in November 2015
January registrations of Class 8 Big Trucks, in January 2015
Analysis of U.S. truck market (sales of class 8 trucks) in december 2013
Sales of  Heavy duty trucks markets (Class 8) in the U.S. – October 2015 sales
Sales of medium and heavy duty trucks in U.S. in february 2015
U.S. Sales of heavy duty trucks (Class 8) in September 2015
Sales of heavy-duty trucks (class 8) on the U.S. market, in march 2015
Heavy trucks sales (Class 8), in the USA in August 2015
Class 8 trucks sales in the U.S. in april 2015
Sales of class 8 Trucks in the U.S. in July 2015
Heavy-duty trucks sales (class 8) in the U.S.A. in May 2015
U.S. sales of Class 8 trucks in June 2015
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