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Latest news   (Update october 4, 2019)
- The Italian car market is growing again in September: + 13.4% in the month. In the cumulative figures for the first nine months, demand stood at -1.6% at 1,467,668 units
- After the descent in June, the commercial vehicle market (<3.5) in the EU+Efta resumed vigorously: + 13% in July and + 17.6% in August. The final figures for the first eight months rose to +6.3% with 1,487,479 units registered.
- After a modest recovery in July (+ 1.2%) the European car market (EU+Efta) returns to decline in August: -8.6% in the month.
- The growth of the US heavy Trucks market stopped in June (-3.8%).
- The brilliant increase in the market for commercial vehicles (<3.5) in the EU + EFTA continues for the fifth consecutive month: + 6.1% in the month, and + 6% in the first 5 months . The demand for trucks (> 3.5) exploded in the month: + 21.2% in May. In the first 5 months of the year, the final balance shows a progress of 9.3%
- The positive trend of the US heavy vehicle market continues in April 2019: +5.2 on March and + 26.8% on the same month last year
- Slight recovery of the Italian car market in April: + 1.5%. In the cumulative of the first four months the demand drops by 4.6% to 712,196 units.
- It continues also in the first two months of the current year, and for the sixth consecutive month, the drop in European demand for cars: -2.9% in the period
- New decrease in December of registrations of commercial vehicles (<3.5) in the EU + Efta: -2.5%. The demand for trucks (> 3.5) drops significantly during the month: in December -11.4%.
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- It also continues in December, and for the fourth consecutive month, the
- Very high increase of the US heavy truck market (class 8) in December: + 22.4% on November, and + 16.7% on December last year. The total of 2018, at 250,627 units, exceeded the total of 2017 by 30.4%.
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- Slight progress in December of the Italian car market: + 2% in the month with 124.068 units registered. In total, 1,910,025 units were registered in the year, 3.1% (around 60,000 cars) less than in 2017.
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- A slight increase also in November of commercial vehicles registrations (<3.5) in the EU+Efta: +3.4%. The demand for trucks remained substantially stable (> 3.5): + 0.3%
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- Commercial vehicle registrations (<3.5) rise again in October in the EU + Efta: + 6.1%. Also a strong recovery in the demand for trucks (> 3.5): + 9.7%.
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- Car sales in Europe fell dramatically in September (-23.4%), also due to the anomalous growth in August (+ 29.8%)
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- New great leap forward in August of heavy trucks sales (class 8) in the US, up 15.8% compared to July.
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- Updated to June 9 the latest economic indicators
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- The trend of registrations of commercial vehicles (<3.5) in the EU+Eftawent negative in March: -2.5%. The rate of growth in demand for trucks (> 3.5) also fell sharply, with a decline of 3.2% in March
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- Further and more severe decline in European car registrations in March: -5.7%
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- Further significant increase in heavy truck sales (class 8) in the U.S.  in February, up 15.4%
- New significant increase in sales of heavy trucks (class 8), in the U.S., up 26.8% compared to January last year.
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- The trend of registrations of commercial vehicles (<3.5) in Europe fell in December: -3.9%. The drop in demand for trucks (> 3.5) increased, with a contraction in December of 6.8%.
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- Update of the Leading Economic Indicators as of November 5, with latest projections by IMF
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- The car market in the EU + Efta decelerated in December: -4.8% in the month (with 1.136.552 units registered), especially for one working day less. Total registrations increased by 3.3% over the previous year to 15,631,687 units, the fourth consecutive year of growth and highest value since 2007.
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- Big increase in sales of heavy trucks (class 8) in the USA, up 27.8% compared to November and 43% compared to December 2016
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- The upward trend of the European commercial vehicle market (<3.5) remained weak but
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- The strong recovery in heavy truck sales (class 8) in the USA continued in November: even if down 2.5% from October, climbed 25.4% compared to November last year.
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- The upward trend in the European commercial vehicle market (<3.5) continues to weaken: in September 2.2%. Also the demand trend of trucks (>3.5) continues to decrease, in September  -6.5%
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- Slowly slows the trend of car registration in the EU+Efta: in September -2%, with 1,466,336 registered vehicles.
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- Remains sizeable car registrations rise on the Italian market: +8.1% with 166,956 units registered in September.
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- The swinging monthly rate of increase of the heavy trucks market (Class 8) in the U.S. continues: in May a new climb to +16.5%
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- Significant recovery of car registrations in the EU + EFTA (+ 7.7%) in May, with 1,433,236 units registered , a value that is recorded as the volume of registrations in May 2007, before the crisis hit the car market
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-Significant drop of the EU+Efta Commercial Vehicle market (<3.5t) in April: -7.2%. The Trucks market (>3.5) also declined heavily, with  a loss of 9.8%
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- It slows dramatically the EU+Efta market for Commercial Vehicles (<3.5 t): + 3.1% in February. Also the growth of the truck market stopped in February
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- Published in our site the 2017 edition of the World Production of Medium and heavy trucks
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- PSA agrees to buy Opel in $2.3 billion deal
Automotive News Europe, march 6, 2017
descent of European car demand: -8.7% in the month. In the total of the
year 2018, registrations decreased by 0.04% to 15,624,486 units.
compared to January, but +49% compared to February last year.
positive: in November the increase was limited to a + 3.2%. The positive increase in demand for trucks was canceled (> 3.5), with a contraction in November of 0.1%.

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